Consult a Local Agent

Our agents have worked in the region for years and can offer invaluable advice on the property market. Come to us first and we’ll help you organise a plan to find the property you’re looking for.

Pounce on Quiet Real Estate Months

If you’re in the market to buy, keep a close eye on real estate trends that fluctuate throughout the year. Some of the most cost-effective prices appear during the quieter periods with less competition.

Feel out the Prospective Area

One of the best ways to feel out a specific property is to explore the suburb for a day. Check out nearby eateries and upcoming construction sites to envision how it would feel to live there. 

Do Your Research

Investigate supply and demand in the areas you want to buy. Research local reviews of the suburb. If your initial target neighbourhood is too expensive, there are often affordable alternatives nearby.

Be a Damage Detective

It’s easy to be so swept up in the aesthetic charm of a property that you only notice cumbersome damages well after you’ve closed the deal. Develop a keen eye for cracks, scratches and power outlets.